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Steblanc Black Snail Repair Cream
Volume : 50ml
 - [Excellent skin regeneration effect] – Black snail mucus filtered ingredient 92%
   Mucin ingredients, the sticky mucus of a snail having an excellent skin regeneration effect, quickly repair skin by itself and deliver various active ingredients deep into skin to strengthen natural autogenic power of skin.

-[Managing fine wrinkles] – Winkle functionality certified adenosine/peptide


 Adenosine, an ingredient notified by Korean Food and Drug Administration which improves wrinkles, and peptide ingredient, the representative ingredient to improve skin-aging, makes skin look much younger and tight by helping fine wrinkles on external surface of skin.


[Trouble trace care] – Work directly on sensitive skin

   By working directly on skin which becomes partially dull or reddish sensitive due to various trouble traces, it cares blackish traces cleanly and make

[Slack pores] – Beta-glucan/peptide/green tea extracts   
Pores on skin suffered from various troubles and sebum becomes larger as diverse wastes cannot be washed off perfectly and as a result, pores losing its elasticity can sag easily. By managing with snail mucus, it makes pores elastic and prevent pores tightly so that it wont sag any more.