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Steblanc Black Snail Repair Moist Cream
Volume : 50ml
 - Excellent skin problem care synergy effect– contain black snail mucus filtered ingredient 60%
  It is double functionality cream which the black snail mucus filtered ingredient and vegetable mucin ingredient obtained from a yam fill insufficient moisture and nourishment of skin.

-Fine wrinkle care and skin elasticity increase, elastic massage stretching sticky


A texture sticking more as much as padding helps to care the skin flow and strengthen elasticity by giving the sticky massage effect.


Whitening and wrinkle improvement, double care

  With double functionalities of whitening and wrinkle improvement, it adds brilliance to shady skin and helps right elasticity and fine wrinkle care for tired and non-elastic skin.

Moisturizing & Nourishment Perfect Care
As it is absorbed softly without stickiness, it replenishes moisturizing to dry skin and also finds a natural health of skin by adding nourishment.