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Steblanc Gold Perfection Ampoule
Volume :
 - Effective skin detox[Contains 24k pure gold and gold extract]
  Clearly eliminates heavy metals (Nickel, Cadmium, Arsenic etc) that cause aging and activates regenerations of the cells by removing aging factors inside the skin.

-Luminous Anti-aging Care(removes harmful oxygen to recover the shining young skin)


The skin health is damaged once the ions of skin are driven to a certain side. Gold particles normalize such flow of ions to recover to young and healthy skin


Revitalize and add elasticity to skin/Whitening and wrinkle improvement, dual functioning

  Not only accelerates a tied-up blood circulation but also has effective skin clarifying and regenerating effect that acts on exhausted and aged skins to improve the appearance.

-Highly concentrated ampoule program(Intense management for 12 weeks)