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Steblanc Aqua Fresh Gel Cream
Volume : 50ml
 - Intensive provision of moisture use differentiated water[AQUA DEEP MOIST FORMULA EX]
  4 pure types of water such as Alaska glacial milk, deep sea water, Hita water and birch sap are used to give more excellent moisturizing effect and soothing effect by differentiating the water mixture, the key point of a moisturizing cream. With this, use of special water effective for not only maintaining moisture but purifying skin also maximizes efficacy of vegetable effective ingredients.

-Whitening Functionality


Niacin amide certified as a whitening functional ingredient
brightens freckles and blemishes and licorice extracts helping brightening cares a dull skin tone clearly.


Presenting Refreshment Feeling[Cooling Effect]

  It controls imbalance of skin temperature which can occur while the oil and moisture balance is broken as a light gel type texture giving refreshment feeling presents the cooling effect by being absorbed quickly as soon as it meets skin.

Refreshing Texture

  A Water Max Aqua Gel Cream is absorbed quickly because it does not contain oils and supplement water fully with refreshing formulation without being heavy on skin.

-Skin Soothing[Witch Hazel Leaf extracts, watermelon extracts, basil leaf extracts, lotus extracts]
Vegetable active ingredients sooth rough and sensitive skin be being exposed to various outside harmful ingredients, UV and dusts and protects skin from more skin stimulations.